All you need to know about Marvel's Spider Man for PlayStation 4

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Marvel's Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 is amazingly interesting, super cool graphics and playable, making it a must-buy. There are games that look good but play too easily or too unfair, like Sonic Forces. There are also titles that look simplified but have good gameplay, like Minecraft. All you need to know about Marvel's Spider Man for PS4 is right on this review. It outlines what it did right, what it did wrong, and whether or not it will please both the hardcore comic fans and gaming fans alike once it comes out in September.

What to Expect from This Game

  • Worth the Wait: The PS4 Spider-Man was a long time coming. It was announced 2 years ago, in 2016. Throughout most of its development, nothing much came out of the announcement until a couple of years later, which led some gamers to forget it existed and other gamers to worry that it's another Duke Nukem Forever in terms of Development Hell. This PS4 exclusive by Insomniac Games offers more than just nostalgia or a cash-grab at the hot superhero trend as of late.

  • Crawls Out of Limbo: Marvel's wall-crawler has crawled out of the limbo of its Sony Pictures movies and offers a Peter Parker that's much more familiar and relatable than the fresh-faced teenager one from Spider-Man Homecoming played by Tom Holland with his cougar Aunt May played by Marisa Tomei. Then again, this game isn't part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, unlike Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite that uses the likenesses of Robert Downey Junior and the rest. The game mechanics live up and surpass the ones people are used to with the Spider-Man 2 videogame.

  • Cuts no Corners: The #Puddlegate controversy aside wherein gamers overreacted over puddle placement in a new preview, thinking that the game devs are cutting corners, the game engine is wonderfully rendered and makes full use of the graphical muscle of the PS4. As expected of the state-of-the-art studio behind games like Ratchet and Clank, Sunset Overdrive, and a future Spyro the Dragon remake. Every environment is realistic or hyperrealistic in rendering, showcasing unbelievable feats that are grounded in beautiful reality.

  • Loads of References: Although you can still have a good time playing as Spidey in this game while knowing a bare minimum of the mythos or nothing at all, since it's not even connected with Tom Holland's Spider-Man Homecoming or even Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man Series, it has tons of references for people who have been following the Spider-Man comics since what seems like forever. It looks good, plays even better, and has plot progression that long-time fans will definitely appreciate while a new audience will also be satisfied.

  • Villains and Web Slinging Galore: Insomniac has done web-slinging right and the game mechanics when you fight showcases how agile and special Spider-Man is when fighting. As for the villains, they do make Spidey more of a hero like they should. You get to play against the less over-exposed Spider-Man villains like The Kingpin, The Scorpion, Electro, The Vulture, Rhino, and Negative Man. So it's not going to be another rehash of the Norman Osbourne drama.

What's the Verdict for The PS4 Spider-Man?

This particular Spider-Man game lives up to "The Amazing Spider-Man" title more than the brief film series starring Andrew Garfield. It looks amazing and plays amazing so you're assured that it's not just eye-candy. The mere act of swinging around in New York City is breathtakingly and heartbreakingly mesmerizing, like you're in a trance as you swing and crawl from building to building. It's even better than the CG graphics used on the films, which are pre-rendered!

You can do aerial attacks as though you're playing the Spider-Man from Marvel versus Capcom. You can swing across a roughly geographically accurate New York City in scenes that many native New Yorkers will probably love. There's a sense of love instead of betrayal when it comes to how well-crafted this game is, from the swing mechanics to Spidey's spider-sense. Insomniac Games are giving the likes of Rockstar Games a run for their money.

Why is Playstation's God of War A Very Popular Online Game Series?

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God of War is just one of the most popular action-adventure games that have been played by millions of online players today. It is a mythology-based action online game conceived by an American video game designer, David Scott Jaffe. He debuted this action online game in the year 2005 at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. The game has developed into a flagship title for the famous “PlayStation” brand, incorporating 8 games across numerous stages.

This action-filled online game is about a Spartan warrior, “Kratos”, who has been defrauded by his former master (Ares, Greek God of war) into murdering his wife and daughter. Kratos killed Ares and eventually, became the new war god. However, Kratos is still frequented by the horror of his past.

Revealing to be Zeusi son, who later deceives the new war god, the Spartan then looks for revenge against the Olympian gods for their ploys. After the destruction of the Greek pantheon, the new war god, Kratos, has ended up in the Norge gods. Kratos and Atreus (his young son) plan on a journey to complete his recently departed 2nd wife’s last request. That is, to spread the ashes of her body at the nine realms highest peak.

Compliments on this action online game

The variety of series on this mythology-based action online game have been recognized as some of the most-played and best games online, in today’s generation. Impressively, Sony has reported in June 2012 that more than 21 million copies or series were sold all over the world. Huge sales and support of this game series have led to the expansion of franchise into the other media, such as two novels and three comic book series.

Games include Greek mythology (first era), Norse mythology (second era) and other collections and remasters

• First series

• Second series

• Betrayal

• Chains of Olympus

• Third Series

• Ghost of Sparta

• Ascension

• GOW collection

• Origins collection

• Saga

• GOW III Remastered

The first series was released on March 22, 2005 in North America, for the PlayStation 2. After 10 years of being in service with the Olympian gods, Kratos is given task by Athena to seek Pandora’s Box. Such is the key for defeating Ares. Many flashbacks have revealed that Kratos was once being Ares servant, who actually saved Spartan and his army from utter destruction in war. But, his master has tricked him into killing his family. Finally, Kratos finds Pandora’s Box and have killed his master. To the Mount Olympus Kratos ascends and becomes the new war God.

A Review on PlayStation’s Assassin's Creed Origins: Is It Worthwhile?

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Assassin's Creed or AC is a newly launched PSN game derived from the 3D Prince of Persia series (which in turn is a remake of the 2D classic by Jordan Mechner that used extensive rotoscoping for realistic sprite movement). Prince of Persia expands from simple storyline of the platform game, giving it deeper lore. Assassin's Creed, on the other hand, turns up the notch to 11 when it comes to lore, adding sci-fi elements into the historical assassination mix. At any rate, Assassin's Creed has a new title, and it's called Assassin's creed origins or ACO. This entry into the extensive series includes the Ancient Cities of Alexandria and Memphis (not Tennessee), the sandiest of white deserts, pyramids galore, the Nile River Delta, and a huge swathe of land that serves as the cradle of Human Civilization. It's where assassins and assassinations arguably started.

ACO Is For Both Old and New Players Alike

•Assassin's Brotherhood Is Older Than You Think: Old players who are familiar with PlayStation’s AC series are aware that the brotherhood behind the assassins are older than one would believe, spanning way before the original Hashashins that served as foil to the Crusaders and the Templar Knights. Essentially, ACO reveals that it's the first entry to the series chronologically, perhaps hinting that the assassins were around since humanity got out of their caves, abandoned their nomadic life, and started building their own homes, settling down a secure place, and inventing the concepts of cities, nations, and civilizations.

•Pre-Crusades Era: The pre-crusades era of AC stretches all the way to Antiquity or the time of the Ancient Egyptians. ACO has such deep lore it even comes with a prequel book entitled Assassin's Creed: Desert Oath. In it, the details on how Bayek became a Medjay in 70 BCe came about. The developers have also announced plans for a season's pass and post-launch content for good measure. Some of the downloadable content is even free, including timed events of assassins battling against Animus renders of the Egyptian Gods entitled "The Trials of the Gods".

•Core Gameplay: You'll get more of the same historical action you've been getting since the first Assassin's Creed. You've been a pirate, a Native American, and a Spanish Conquistador. In this installment, you'll first attempt to throw off the Roman occupation by rebuilding the Sinai Branch of the fallen original Sinai Branch. This is the first DLC, "The Hidden Ones". The second DLC is "The Curse of the Pharaohs", which is where what people have been clamoring for in this game happens (Ancient Egypt Assassin's Creed, basically).

•Horde Mode and Discovery Tour: Learning from the mistakes of other developers like the makers of Street Fighter V (which was bereft of content and a story mode at launch) and No Man's Sky (overhyped and didn't deliver), Ubisoft will make available in early 2018 a Discovery Tour to get players acclimated into this new world and a Horde Mode for hardcore gamers who want an extra dimension of challenge with their gameplay. Capcom, Hello Games, and especially Electronic Arts (the developers of the disastrous Star Wars: Battlefront III that had gamers up in arms over their abuse of microtransactions) should take notes

•Commentaries by Egyptologists and an Educational Tour: Discovery Tour, by the way, is the educational mode wherein actual Egyptologists will provide commentary. What's more, this made turns the game into a 3D exploratory game with no action NPCs and violence involved to distract you from learning more about Ancient Egypt. It's the edutainment mode of the game, in other words. You'll get to see a behind-the-scenes look at the research that goes behind this entry into the franchise. The only real critique here is why Ubisoft only started now with this nifty mode.

Overwhelming technology has made PS4 even more enjoyable!

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Anyone who is playing online games would be overexcited about the graphics and music that is embedded in the game. Some people may even go crazy about learning the game development by looking at the way PS4 games are designed. We might have to appreciate PS4 for the way its graphics are mesmerizing people who are playing games on it. The earlier count was 720p whereas now it has increased to 1080p which should stand as the standard for all the games that are to be developed and allowed to be played on PS4.

Along with the graphics you should know what has changed since the first version of PS4 till date so that you know whether an upgrade is mandatory for making your console look as though you bought it from the market just a couple of days back. But, it is never advisable that you upgrade PS4 to the latest pro version or the slim model. Either way you should ensure that the new model is quite stable and is free from complaints from user in terms of the basic features and basic games available in the newest upgrade.

The network configuration that PS4 supports so as to connect to the internet, the speed at which online game loads on the console are all the criteria that would help you convince your parents for buying one. Don’t you think the 2.5 GHz and 5.0 GHz are something that would make every move of the game to be special and interesting? Since, it supports Wi-Fi you do not have to disturb anyone in the family while playing these games during nights, you could carry it to the corner of hall way or even to the corridor and continue to enjoy the splendid sound that comes while playing games on this console. It is a strong recommendation that you use headphones so that none around you is disturbed.

As you may have completely new gadgets in the home like TV that supports USB and the HDMI, it is also important that the new PS4 also does the same thing like what a television does today. You could watch the movies on the PlayStation along with playing games. You may not believe this until you hear from some of your friends talking about the new and powerful features of the PS4. Once you hear to such conversations you would get convinced to enjoy playing the games on new but costly PS4.

How do you think all the new features are working extensively perfect? Don’t you think the RAM capacity would be a major back bone for the console to work as expected? When you look at the configuration you would come to know that there is an enhancement in the RAM configuration due to which all sorts of graphics and music is being played well on the consoles. Since you are moving online, the PS4 plus account would offer you several things which are truly unbelievable. You do not have to struggle shifting control between your friends for playing the same game repeatedly. You could now let your friends login to online game and enjoy playing with each other as a team playing on the real ground. Moreover, everyone could do so by sitting at their own house.

The realistic emotions are always created when a person starts playing the PS4 games as they sound to be so realistic and close to one’s heart. So, do not delay in knowing about the console and its features, the upgrades to be carried out, if not purchased yet know the best website to buy them and the best games to install on it and so on. Hope you would now get busy in doing the research for all these questions.

PlayStation- Revolutionary Invention

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To begin with, PlayStation is one of the revolutionary devices designed as well as owned by the Sony Interactive Entertainment since 1994. However, they attained real success after the creation of PlayStation 2. Over 150 million of units sold worldwide and afterward, Sony has created more gaming console with higher innovation. We can take the fine example of PSP 4, the fastest selling gaming console in history and according to stats more than 1 million units were sold on the first day.

PlayStation also offers online services to purchase as well as download the file of virtual games. Most importantly, the gaming media device was originated with the support of Ken Kutaragi, Sony executive who is also known as “Creator or Father of PlayStation”.

History Of Gaming Consoles

For the first time, the game was released in Japan on 3rd December, 1994 as “PS one”. Mainly, due to its fewer configurations, PS one was unable to attain the fame that Sony expected. On the other hand, after few years of hard work Sony was able to earn some serious reputation in the gaming industry by designing the PlayStation 2.

At last, after 4-years they decided to redesign the game and added some better functions as compared to the previous one named as “PlayStation 2 Slimline”. Since then, Sony is climbing the stairs by selling PlayStation and adding better functions as well as graphics for the users to operate it more smoothly. The company started generating more consoles for the gamers, for instance, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita as well as the PSP-E1000 model.

Virtual Life In PlayStation

Sony has designed a variety of consoles, whereas each and every gaming device has its own compatibility to run the game accordingly. Some popular names of PlayStation games are listed below.

• Tomorrow Never Dies.

• ESPN Extreme Games.

• Fifa world cups.

• Castrol Honda Superbike Racing.

• Far cry series.

• Final Fantasy.

• Urban Region.

• Crisis.

• Wolverine.

On the whole, with enhancing trend and with the betterment of technology, lots of games for PSP have been launched till now.

Console Analog Advancement

After the release of the PSP, many things have been ameliorated including controllers of the PlayStation. For instance, in the initial part D-pad analog was designed to control the character and then followed by DualShock analog, but in the present time, PSP Move controller has been designed to make it more comfortable for the users to play with it aggressively.

PSP Move analog is designed especially for PlayStation 3, wand-structure controller, very convenient to operate and attaining more popularity between the gamers.

Future Games For PlayStation 4 As Well As For Other PSP Devices

In the virtual world, lots of gamers are looking forward to play the upcoming games. However, the creators have decided to release them in 2018. In addition to this, list of most awaiting games are listed below:

•Shadow of the Colossus:

After getting success of the cousin game in 2005 (created for PSP 2), they decided to unleash the updated version with better graphics, interesting story-line, and extreme combats as well. Expected date of release is February 6, 2018.

•Days Gone:

With the famous zombie-theme, the company created a different game for the gamers. Overall, the player has to control a hero or an avatar to destroy zombies in order to maintain peace in the world.

In the nutshell, the gaming world is transforming dramatically, but still holds many mysteries that Sony will unwind with the advancement of PlayStation. As true gamer, you should buy the latest games released for playstation and take your gaming experience to another level.

Top 5 PS4 games of 2017

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If you've read our home page, then you know that money represents no issue anymore when it comes to PS4 games. With the generator we talked about there, you can buy virtually any amount of games. Nothing stops you now from trying out the games you always wanted to try. We're sure that you have your own priority list, and that you're going to play the games of your own choosing first, but once you've satisfied yourself with your favorite games, you may want to try some of the games that are on our top 5 list.

The year 2017 has really made a huge impact on gaming communities as many of the legendary titles released their newest versions. If we were to mention all of them, it would probably take hours, that's why we've prepared this small list of five games that we find to be exceptional.

Without further ado, let's begin.

1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Now, many of you probably know about Resident Evil. It is a very popular title, and if you haven't played the games, you must have at least heard about the movies. Granted the movies were created based on the game, but probably more people watch movies than they play games. Nonetheless, if you are a fan of horror games, this is definitely the one for you. Resident Evil has always been scary, there's no dispute there, but Biohazard is by far the scariest one out there. The previous versions were more about action than they were about scaring you, but it all changed with Resident Evil 7.

They have switched the third person game into a first person game and made it all a lot more up close and personal. They've enhanced graphics to the extreme. The sound is unbelievable. And the way they studied the art of scaring someone will amaze you. This game will play tricks with your mind. It's no longer a type of game where something jumps out in front of you real quick and scares you due to a factor of surprise, no. This game has become clever. They now play all kinds of sounds, enhance the intensity of the music and environmental sounds, all up to the point where you think ''aah oh my god what's going to happen?!'' and then nothing happens. The Same scenario next time, they make you pee your pants. They don't allow you to predict what's going to happen anymore. Try it, and you'll see for yourself. Definitely the best game of the year in our opinion. Also, it is available for VR, but it's not for those who have weak hearts.

2. For Honor

For Honor is a game filled with action. It's set somewhere in the middle ages where apparently Samurai, Vikings, and Knights decided to see once and for all who is the greatest. You can play as either one of these three classes, and the game is usually played one on one. However, there are two additional modes where you can play two on two or four on four. It also features some AI opponents, but they don't really matter all that much.

The game is made with a lot of though, and it's not just a simple game where you can press one button repeatedly and kill your opponent. There are various moves that you can perform, as well as all kinds of defense mechanisms. It's not a game similar to Mortal Kombat or Tekken where you fight in a small arena and only strafe once in a while. It's a full 3D game where you can even push your opponents off a cliff. It's very well made, and if you're a fan of medieval times and melee combat, then we definitely recommend this masterpiece.

3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The title alone should be enough for you to try this game. Especially if you know about the South Park series. This is actually a second game South Park created, the first one is the Stick of Truth, so if you want to start from the beginning, start from there.

The game is like an epic adventure intertwined with comedy and puzzles. You will encounter many of the things that you saw in the South Park series, and if you're a fan, you will recognize them immediately. In fact, if you haven't watched the show, we suggest you start watching it before you start playing this game, just so that you could appreciate its genius.

4. Tekken 7

Another classic title. Tekken has been with us for some twenty years, and if you want to battle it out with your friends, you won't find a better game than that. This game is pure combat, it's played one on one, and it has a bunch of different characters that you can choose from. You may thing that it would get boring after a while, but the more you play it, the more you will want to get better at it and play it even more.

In Tekken, it's all about moves. There are so many different moves and different characters that if you wanted to master them all, you'd need months. Becoming a real Tekken master require patience and discipline, but it's really fun.

5. God of War

After annihilating Greek pantheon, Kratos has set his sights on Odin and everything that comes with it. The game will switch from Greek mythology to Nordic mythology, and it will be epic. It will be a lot more refined than the last version, the story is more immersive, the combat smoother. You will see all the amazing features of the previous version with some added bonuses which combined will make an ultimate god killing game. If you like epic adventures, bloody combat, and mythology, you will never find a game more suitable than this one.

Here's a Look on Some Upcoming PlayStation Games for 2017

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The current year of 2017 serves as one of the most exciting years for gaming since 1985. Old favorites are coming back and the newest franchises are gaining a foothold on the industry. Let's therefore take a look at what's in store for us this year as far as video games are concerned.

1. Destiny 2

The sequel to the 2014 Triple-A title by Bungie has finally arrived. Will it be able to make up for the disappointments in story telling and content that the original Destiny failed to deliver? Destiny 2 is currently a few months away from release. Recently, a public beta has been offered to eager players to try out some of its new content (while giving their servers a stress test of sorts). All beta releases is expected to end on July 23. Destiny 1 has you slog through every raid. Destiny 2 starts on the established rolling basis.

The story of the mission has you pitted against the Cabal's "Red Legion" that's there to capture "The Traveler" while attempting to survive themselves. You have two modes of play in PvP. The first is the original Destiny controls on the map of the Endless Vale. There's also the Countdown Mode that allows you to attack and defend instead of just traditional FPS shooter shenanigans. You can also do a three-player cooperative strike known as "The Inverted Spire" that involves and Red-Legion-Awakened Vex.

2.Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite:

Technically, this is the fourth installment of the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise, but it's actually something that started back in X-Men vs. Street Fighter, so it's instead the sixth main entry in Capcom's Versus Series (not counting Tatsunoko vs. Capcom or the SNK vs. Capcom series). The main change that Marvel vs. Capcom 4 has over its previous incarnation is switching back to the two-on-two tag system. Back in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, it instead went with a three-on-three format.

As always, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite features a robust lineup that not coincidentally contains recently popularized comic characters thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as new never-before-included characters from Capcom franchises mixed with old faves. These include Zero, Strider Hiryu, Sigma, Ryu, Nathan Spencer, Morrigan Aensland, Mega Man X, Jedah Dohma, Dante, Chun-Li, Chris Redfield, Arthur, Thor, Rocket Raccoon, Nova, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Gamora, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Black Panther, and Thanos.

3. Days Gone

In an industry full of sequels and rehashes, one game promises to deliver original content. In this game, you're Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter fighting within an open-world action-adventure game in order to survive. Unlike Marvel vs. Capcom with an ongoing character release schedule, the release date of Days Gone is yet to be revealed. Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment America, it's a title with a mature twist on the open sandbox adventure genre.

The main appeals of Days Gone are its open world and brutal sandbox combat. The open world is rendered beautifully with the power of Unreal Engine 4 and the PlayStation 4. This new property also takes advantage of current tech that allows you to brutally play, strategize, and explore your way so that you're not stuck on a linear path. This is tied together by a plot involving survivors and questions about the human soul through concepts like love, hope, regret, brotherhood, friendship, betrayal, madness, loss, and desperation.