10 things Xbox One can do that PS4 cannot

With the console war raging, Xbox fans arguing with PlayStation fans on which console is better and constantly struggle to explain just why their favorite is better than the others, we figured that it’s time to put some hard facts out there for all to see. At the end of this article, we won’t be…(Continue Reading)

PlayStation- Revolutionary Invention

To begin with, PlayStation is one of the revolutionary devices designed as well as owned by the Sony Interactive Entertainment since 1994. However, they attained real success after the creation of PlayStation 2. Over 150 million of units sold worldwide and afterward, Sony has created more gaming console with higher innovation. We can take the…(Continue Reading)

Top 5 PS4 games of 2017

If you’ve read our home page, then you know that money represents no issue anymore when it comes to PS4 games. With the generator we talked about there, you can buy virtually any amount of games. Nothing stops you now from trying out the games you always wanted to try. We’re sure that you have…(Continue Reading)