PlayStation- Revolutionary Invention

To begin with, PlayStation is one of the revolutionary devices designed as well as owned by the Sony Interactive Entertainment since 1994. However, they attained real success after the creation of PlayStation 2. Over 150 million of units sold worldwide and afterward, Sony has created more gaming console with higher innovation. We can take the fine example of PSP 4, the fastest selling gaming console in history and according to stats more than 1 million units were sold on the first day.

PlayStation also offers online services to purchase as well as download the file of virtual games. Most importantly, the gaming media device was originated with the support of Ken Kutaragi, Sony executive who is also known as “Creator or Father of PlayStation”.

History Of Gaming Consoles

For the first time, the game was released in Japan on 3rd December, 1994 as “PS one”. Mainly, due to its fewer configurations, PS one was unable to attain the fame that Sony expected. On the other hand, after few years of hard work Sony was able to earn some serious reputation in the gaming industry by designing the PlayStation 2.

At last, after 4-years they decided to redesign the game and added some better functions as compared to the previous one named as “PlayStation 2 Slimline”. Since then, Sony is climbing the stairs by selling PlayStation and adding better functions as well as graphics for the users to operate it more smoothly. The company started generating more consoles for the gamers, for instance, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita as well as the PSP-E1000 model.

Virtual Life In PlayStation

Sony has designed a variety of consoles, whereas each and every gaming device has its own compatibility to run the game accordingly. Some popular names of PlayStation games are listed below.

• Tomorrow Never Dies.

• ESPN Extreme Games.

• Fifa world cups.

• Castrol Honda Superbike Racing.

• Far cry series.

• Final Fantasy.

• Urban Region.

• Crisis.

• Wolverine.

On the whole, with enhancing trend and with the betterment of technology, lots of games for PSP have been launched till now.

Console Analog Advancement

After the release of the PSP, many things have been ameliorated including controllers of the PlayStation. For instance, in the initial part D-pad analog was designed to control the character and then followed by DualShock analog, but in the present time, PSP Move controller has been designed to make it more comfortable for the users to play with it aggressively.

PSP Move analog is designed especially for PlayStation 3, wand-structure controller, very convenient to operate and attaining more popularity between the gamers.

Future Games For PlayStation 4 As Well As For Other PSP Devices

In the virtual world, lots of gamers are looking forward to play the upcoming games. However, the creators have decided to release them in 2018. In addition to this, list of most awaiting games are listed below:

Shadow of the Colossus:

After getting success of the cousin game in 2005 (created for PSP 2), they decided to unleash the updated version with better graphics, interesting story-line, and extreme combats as well. Expected date of release is February 6, 2018.

Days Gone:

With the famous zombie-theme, the company created a different game for the gamers. Overall, the player has to control a hero or an avatar to destroy zombies in order to maintain peace in the world.

In the nutshell, the gaming world is transforming dramatically, but still holds many mysteries that Sony will unwind with the advancement of PlayStation. As true gamer, you should buy the latest games released for playstation and take your gaming experience to another level.