Top 5 PS4 games of 2017

If you’ve read our home page, then you know that money represents no issue anymore when it comes to PS4 games. With the generator we talked about there, you can buy virtually any amount of games. Nothing stops you now from trying out the games you always wanted to try. We’re sure that you have your own priority list, and that you’re going to play the games of your own choosing first, but once you’ve satisfied yourself with your favorite games, you may want to try some of the games that are on our top 5 list.

The year 2017 has really made a huge impact on gaming communities as many of the legendary titles released their newest versions. If we were to mention all of them, it would probably take hours, that’s why we’ve prepared this small list of five games that we find to be exceptional.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Now, many of you probably know about Resident Evil. It is a very popular title, and if you haven’t played the games, you must have at least heard about the movies. Granted the movies were created based on the game, but probably more people watch movies than they play games. Nonetheless, if you are a fan of horror games, this is definitely the one for you. Resident Evil has always been scary, there’s no dispute there, but Biohazard is by far the scariest one out there. The previous versions were more about action than they were about scaring you, but it all changed with Resident Evil 7.

They have switched the third person game into a first person game and made it all a lot more up close and personal. They’ve enhanced graphics to the extreme. The sound is unbelievable. And the way they studied the art of scaring someone will amaze you. This game will play tricks with your mind. It’s no longer a type of game where something jumps out in front of you real quick and scares you due to a factor of surprise, no. This game has become clever. They now play all kinds of sounds, enhance the intensity of the music and environmental sounds, all up to the point where you think ”aah oh my god what’s going to happen?!” and then nothing happens. The Same scenario next time, they make you pee your pants. They don’t allow you to predict what’s going to happen anymore. Try it, and you’ll see for yourself. Definitely the best game of the year in our opinion. Also, it is available for VR, but it’s not for those who have weak hearts.

2. For Honor

For Honor is a game filled with action. It’s set somewhere in the middle ages where apparently Samurai, Vikings, and Knights decided to see once and for all who is the greatest. You can play as either one of these three classes, and the game is usually played one on one. However, there are two additional modes where you can play two on two or four on four. It also features some AI opponents, but they don’t really matter all that much.

The game is made with a lot of though, and it’s not just a simple game where you can press one button repeatedly and kill your opponent. There are various moves that you can perform, as well as all kinds of defense mechanisms. It’s not a game similar to Mortal Kombat or Tekken where you fight in a small arena and only strafe once in a while. It’s a full 3D game where you can even push your opponents off a cliff. It’s very well made, and if you’re a fan of medieval times and melee combat, then we definitely recommend this masterpiece.

3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The title alone should be enough for you to try this game. Especially if you know about the South Park series. This is actually a second game South Park created, the first one is the Stick of Truth, so if you want to start from the beginning, start from there.

The game is like an epic adventure intertwined with comedy and puzzles. You will encounter many of the things that you saw in the South Park series, and if you’re a fan, you will recognize them immediately. In fact, if you haven’t watched the show, we suggest you start watching it before you start playing this game, just so that you could appreciate its genius.

4. Tekken 7

Another classic title. Tekken has been with us for some twenty years, and if you want to battle it out with your friends, you won’t find a better game than that. This game is pure combat, it’s played one on one, and it has a bunch of different characters that you can choose from. You may thing that it would get boring after a while, but the more you play it, the more you will want to get better at it and play it even more.

In Tekken, it’s all about moves. There are so many different moves and different characters that if you wanted to master them all, you’d need months. Becoming a real Tekken master require patience and discipline, but it’s really fun.

5. God of War

After annihilating Greek pantheon, Kratos has set his sights on Odin and everything that comes with it. The game will switch from Greek mythology to Nordic mythology, and it will be epic. It will be a lot more refined than the last version, the story is more immersive, the combat smoother. You will see all the amazing features of the previous version with some added bonuses which combined will make an ultimate god killing game. If you like epic adventures, bloody combat, and mythology, you will never find a game more suitable than God Of War.