Why is Playstation’s God of War A Very Popular Online Game Series?


God of War is just one of the most popular action-adventure games that have been played by millions of online players today. It is a mythology-based action online game conceived by an American video game designer, David Scott Jaffe. He debuted this action online game in the year 2005 at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. The game has developed into a flagship title for the famous “PlayStation” brand, incorporating 8 games across numerous stages.

This action-filled online game is about a Spartan warrior, “Kratos”, who has been defrauded by his former master (Ares, Greek God of war) into murdering his wife and daughter. Kratos killed Ares and eventually, became the new war god. However, Kratos is still frequented by the horror of his past.

Revealing to be Zeusi son, who later deceives the new war god, the Spartan then looks for revenge against the Olympian gods for their ploys. After the destruction of the Greek pantheon, the new war god, Kratos, has ended up in the Norge gods. Kratos and Atreus (his young son) plan on a journey to complete his recently departed 2nd wife’s last request. That is, to spread the ashes of her body at the nine realms highest peak.

Compliments on this action online game

The variety of series on this mythology-based action online game have been recognized as some of the most-played and best games online, in today’s generation. Impressively, Sony has reported in June 2012 that more than 21 million copies or series were sold all over the world. Huge sales and support of this game series have led to the expansion of franchise into the other media, such as two novels and three comic book series.

Games include Greek mythology (first era), Norse mythology (second era) and other collections and remasters

• First series

• Second series

• Betrayal

• Chains of Olympus

• Third Series

• Ghost of Sparta

• Ascension

• GOW collection

• Origins collection

• Saga

• GOW III Remastered

The first series was released on March 22, 2005 in North America, for the PlayStation 2. After 10 years of being in service with the Olympian gods, Kratos is given task by Athena to seek Pandora’s Box. Such is the key for defeating Ares. Many flashbacks have revealed that Kratos was once being Ares servant, who actually saved Spartan and his army from utter destruction in war. But, his master has tricked him into killing his family. Finally, Kratos finds Pandora’s Box and have killed his master. To the Mount Olympus Kratos ascends and becomes the new war God.