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How to get free Xbox live codes

Microsoft's Xbox One is pushing the limits when it comes to consoles. Back in the day, the consoles were only meant for playing games. However, these guys changed the way people think about consoles. They are the role model in the gaming community, and they set standards everybody else follows. The era where consoles were purely meant for gaming is coming to an end because they have created an ultimate gaming device that can do much, much more.

If you already know all the capabilities of Xbox one, how the premium accounts work and everything that comes with this extraordinary console, then by all means, skip to the part that you're most interested in. However, if you would like to know more, everything that you should know about Xbox One you will be able to find below.

Xbox One

Xbox One was created by a powerful corporation named Microsoft. There is a little to no chance that you haven't heard of them. Microsoft doesn't only specialize in making consoles; they do a large variety of things when it comes to programming and complex devices. Since they have a huge team composed of all kinds of experts, they can easily make any idea into a reality.

Microsoft saw an opportunity to upgrade the regular console into something more, and they seized it. The idea was an extraordinary success, as more and more people are buying Xbox One. Since its release in 2016, they have already sold over fifty million copies, and that number isn't going to stop rising anytime soon.


The reason why so many people are interested in Xbox one is simple. It's not just a console anymore; it's a multifunctional tool on which you can do so many more things than just play games.

Xbox one is an entertainment center, to say the least. With Xbox one you can watch live TV, you can listen to music, Skype with friends, watch movies, use apps, and so much more.

Xbox one can read DvD's, Blueray's, but also normal CD's as well.

You can find a lot more content about the things that we're talking about here in depth if you visit their official website.

All in one, the best console ever made, and yes, we include PS4 in that group too.


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Xbox Live Gold

Now, the things we talked about above are the things any user has access to. If you just buy an Xbox One, create an account and power it up, you will be able to benefit from all of that, but there is one more level that you can unlock by subscribing to Xbox.

Xbox live gold is basically a premium account on Xbox. In order to get it, you will have to subscribe monthly and pay more or less depending on the amount of months that you choose. But what benefits do you have if you own a premium account?


If you become a proud owner of an Xbox Live Gold account, you will be able to benefit from a lot of things, but three things are more important than any other, and they are the reason why ninety-nine percent of premium users opt for that options. These things are Online Multiplayer, Game Discounts, and Free games.

Online multiplayer is very important and is probably the main reason why people choose to upgrade their accounts. You see, if you buy competitive games like Call of Duty or Battlefield you will want to play with other people and you won't be able to do that if you don't have Xbox live Gold. This means that anyone who is a competitive gamer simply has to buy the account upgrade or they won't be able to do what they wanted to do in the first place when they bought the console.

Game discounts are pretty neat if you like to buy new games frequently. Sometimes the discounts go as high as seventy-five percent. This means that if a game costs like sixty bucks, you will save forty-five. If you purchase one game a month, it will be more than enough for you to justify subscribing to Xbox live Gold. The games rotate each week, and there will always be something good in the rotation. For example, there was a fifty percent discount on GTA V last week. Microsoft call's these discounts "deals with gold", and if you like buying a new game every week, then it really is.

The only problem with game discounts is that the games come only in digital forms, which means that collectors won't be able to purchase a CD and store them with their other games.

Now, how about free games? Microsoft likes to award their fans loyalty by giving them good discounts and a bunch of free stuff. It wouldn't really pay off if they gave them brand new content, so they decided to give away some of the older games instead. So, in 2017, you can expect to get free games that have been played in 2016 or 2015 or even a couple of years back. In 2014 those with Gold accounts received games like Dark Souls, Dishonored, Halo, and so on. So this benefit shouldn't be taken for granted. Maybe there are some games that you really wanted to play back in the day, but you simply didn't have enough money to purchase them. Now you maybe do, but they are so outdated that you'd rather play something else, so you still don't want to buy them. But if you got them for free, we're sure you'd really appreciate it.

Now that we're on the subject of money, more precisely, on the subject of the shortage of money when it comes to gaming, we have a solution to all of your problems regarding Microsoft's Xbox.

Xbox live code generator

If you're here just because of the title, then this is the part where you should pay some attention. Owning an Xbox is hard enough as it is, simply due to today's economy and financial issues, but having to buy additional games and subscribe monthly may look like a distant dream to most people. Even those who have enough money to do all of that would still agree that it simply costs too much. We're sure that many of you who are reading this already tried a bunch of different methods to acquire free Xbox live codes. Searched the web far and wide in order to get at least one or two codes for free or free Xbox live Gold codes, but without any luck. We were in the same shoes as you, we also searched and searched but to no avail. The best thing we found were websites offering all kinds of tasks in exchange for their "free Xbox live codes", tasks like completing surveys, installing app's, watching videos, and all that. No website gave them up for free, without asking something in return, except one.

In our efforts to find what we are looking for we stumbled upon a website with a generator attached to it that can generate free Xbox live codes and Xbox live gold codes. At first, it seemed unreal because our previous experiences were a lot different than what we encountered here. No one really offers anything for free, right? That was the initial response, but once we tried it, we knew the answer to that question is "wrong".

The Xbox live codes generator actually worked, and it spat out codes left and right. All we had to do is choose the amount, click generator, and copy the codes into our account. That's it.


Just like that our gaming lives turned into something wonderful. All our problems regarding Xbox vanished overnight. Once we were in possession of this amazing generator, we knew we were going to play all those games we always dreamt about playing.

We knew we could upgrade to Xbox live gold using the Xbox live gold codes we generated, and that we will suffer no latency and play only with the best, most dedicated players out there. That we won't have to spend additional money to play competitive games online. That we can now purchase as many expensive games as we want without ever opening our wallets. The feeling was indescribable.

You may now be wondering about the same thing we did the moment we found about this generator - Why would anyone hack into Microsoft and gave Xbox live codes for free? We couldn't answer that question either until we started generating the codes.

The reason why is simple - happiness. These guys knew how much it meant to regular people like us to get something we always wanted for free. We were overwhelmed by happiness, and we wanted to share that experience with anyone who is willing to give it a try. Feel free to use this generator to create as many free Xbox live codes as you want and if you share our views, share the generator with your friends as well.

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